September 10, 2007 | Filed Under Books, Just Cool, Music


Rockabilly Underground, London 1980′s by William Jones

I got this book for my birthday. I love underground music, the people that generate it and the culture around whatever genre. 50s music is great and has been a part of my life since high school when I only listened to a 50s radio station and punk 7 inches. So many great old songs and the style is out of sight. It was a different world and a different set of ethics in the 50s and I respect anyone that tries to continue with those ideals.

Billy Jones was right there growing up in the wild 1970s of London. Popular history only accounts for punks or new wavers around that time, but there was a wide array of subcultures in those poor english times. Jones recounts his introduction and experiances with the Rockabilly underground and brings in all the key players from the time to add their two cents.

If you like music and want to find out about some awesome culture not featured on VH1, get this book.

It is 100% independent! Written and published by the author!