Big Stack of Papers in Small Package

January 27, 2010 | Filed Under Just Cool, Toys

Another big blog topic for the day, but I am trying to stay on top of this blogging thing and there is not a lot going on today in my world. We got a flat tire on our car, but what is exciting and blogable about that.

apple ipad

I was following that apple/steve action on Engadget, getting up to the minute reports and pictures. I was amazed that these updates were happening so quick. Did the reporter even have time to enjoy the presentation? Will they re-live the experience tonight when they check their rss feed? Engadget also quickly released this hands on report of this new hardware.

My first reaction to this thing is pretty cool, but fairly narrow category of uses. It looks like it would be fun for after work couch surfing or travel and that is about it. The price lends it self to people with disposable income that want a new toy, but I don’t think it is the solution to reading books for the rest of man kind. I like a stack of books and magazine around the house. Gives my space in infinity a comfortable feel. I get happy when I see a stack of things I read and enjoyed, or excited to read that stack of new books I have yet to read. I don’t get that feeling from my desktop, laptop or iphone when I see them, I just see work I have not completed!

This is just a half ass product review since I have not actually seen the thing, so I will call this a review of the release and commentary on the marketing roll out. Bottom line, pretty successful at catching my attention for a few hours.