Dice Magazine Issue 30

January 25, 2010 | Filed Under Hot Rods, Just Cool

Just got the notice that the new issue of DICE MAGAZINE has been released. I am sure there was some kick ass chopper drinking release party over the weekend, but I am live across the country from all that so I just get the email announcement. If you have not checked out Dice magazine and you are interested in motorcycles, skateboards, vans or other time machines to a classic time, then you must order your copy today.

Iss 30cover

I got a subscription for Christmas from my wife. So happy to not have to run to order the new copy every time. Hell it might even be at my house when I get home, wouldn’t that be nice. I like a lot of magazines, but Dice continues to wow and excite me every issue. I think it is because of the casual approach to some topics taken seriously by some people. It makes your interests more fun and not just some facts thrown on the page for nerds. The general approach reminds me of the early issues of Big Brother or music fan zines. Some random words set to the printed images adds so much to the story.