2010 GNRS

February 3, 2010 | Filed Under Hot Rods, Just Cool

Yet another Cali fun time I am missing this year. The Grand National Roadster Show is a mind blower every year and I eagerly await the photos to see what’s what.


This is an amazing roadster from The Lifters Car Club out of San Diego. Photo by lens and pen king Coop. Here is a link to the rest of the pics Coop posted. This is not the type of car the roadster show is known for, but this is the type of car I would trip out on when walking around the show.

Not much on the net about this Lifters club, but why should there be when they deal in 50+ year old cars. Here is one article that is interesting and has some photos to check out.

After looking at a bunch of blogs photos, there are two motorcyles that I am tripping out on.

Slow Poke

The Slow Poke by Nostalgia on Wheels is an amazing build featuring all the right tricks and attention to detail. I like the fun attitude of the bike and feel like the colors and the snail character adds a lot to the design. I check out this dude’s blog every day and I am impress to see all his influences come out in one machine.

Foundry Fairy duster

and The Fairy Duster by Foundry Moto. This is pure beauty, the colors, the chrome, the bars, the fender, the seat and even the display are perfect! This is the type of bike I would trade all my possessions for.