RFSO RADIO 15 + 16

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2 new mixes long over due. A terror mix by fiendish Ryan, aka SCAPEGOAT! The hitting you with a hour++ of shocking hits from an RFSO supporter, DUANE!

3 Music Movies

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3 way movie review/preview

I went to see 2 of these movies in the last week and the advertised the Dylan movie at both. here is my brief comments.

Control: the ian curtis story Great looking movie and cool music, but after seeing it I am not sure how much I am interested in Joy Division. The main guy never got much past puberty so there is not much to do the movie on. He liked to smoke I know that really well. It did spark my interest in the bands other members and New Order. They seemed like good people.

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten A visual slap upside the head for Clash and Joe Strummer fans. Some cool footage but most is lost in this fast paced tribute video from the man that brought us The Filth and the Fury. I had high hopes for this because I like Strummers music so I left wanting more biographic info.

I’m Not There: Bob Dylan played by actors! I saw the preview for this movie a few times now. I hope it comes out well. The images look good and the concept in semi interesting. I think it will be over acted and dramatic, but that is ok with me as long as they don’t have him crying all the time.


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Music fans!!

Check out this new album on my label by wonder girl SARAH SHAPIRO!



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